Our president is like the energizer bunny. He’s everywhere! President Trump is holding another rally and this time it’s in Missoula, Montana. This is one of many he’s having over the next few weeks before the midterms. The one he’s having tonight has turned out a massive crowd that’s been described as “jaw-dropping”. Check out the lines to get in that go as far as the eye can see…

The crowd was expected to be 6-8 thousand but the reporters think it’s much more than that! Watch the videos below and you’ll see what they’re talking about. Having attended a large rally like this one, it’s more like a festival for everyone. The people who can’t get into the venue, usually stand outside and listen or watch the event on big screens. It’s a blast!


One reporters said his jaw dropped when he saw the line to get into the rally:

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Another view of the long, long line from a local sports reporter in Montana:


Via: Gateway Pundit

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