A Chicago man was ordered into custody by the fed on Friday on charges he was helping ISIS.


Ashraf Al Safoo, a naturalized American citizen, was spreading terrorist propaganda to recruit people to join ISIS and commit violent acts for the terrorist group. in support of the terrorist group. Al Safoo was born in Mosul, Iraq and immigrated to the U.S. in 2008.

Al Safoo is an active member the pro-ISIS organization called Khattab Media Foundation. Yes, ISIS has a social media arm that posts on Twitter. While Twitter is banning and shadow-banning Trump supporters, we have ISIS posting propaganda! Crazy!

According to the criminal complaint:

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Khattab is an internet-based organization dedicated to the creation and widespread dissemination of ISIS propaganda, including edited video content, articles and essays, and infographics created through the use of video and photo editing and other similar software.

US ATTORNEY JOHN R. LAUSCH: “This charge demonstrates that in order to keep our communities safe, law enforcement will vigorously pursue those who provide material support in whatever form to designated foreign terrorist organizations,” Today’s arrest is a testament to the commitment and dedication of our prosecutors and law enforcement partners who stand watch over our country.”

Al Safoo reposted an oath of allegiance to ISIS and its leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghadadi, from Khattab to at least three social media groups, the complaint states. The FBI claims Al Safoo encouraged others in the organization’s “Staff Group” to keep sharing the ISIS messages and called efforts to shut down accounts part of a “media war.”

“Participate in the war, and spread fear,” Al Safoo allegedly posted May 23. “The Islamic State doesn’t want you to watch these publications only, rather IS [ISIS] wants to mobilize you. If you can’t, then work on mobilizing others for the cause.”

Al Safoo and other Khattab members planned Twitter “raids” to bombard social media with ISIS propaganda.

While conservatives are being purged for mild infractions on social media, there are people like this guy and his cohorts who post ISIS propaganda!

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