“The situation he’s involved with concerning his status has nothing to do with the situation that unfortunately happened over there on that road in Brooklyn.”

Allan Richards claims during the interview that calling this man illegal is “rhetoric”…Unreal!

In a previous interview with PEOPLE, Allan Richards claims Rivera is a hardworking  “all-American boy”:

“The coverage that’s out there is leaning all one way and in fact, government has weighed in at the highest levels.”

“In our system of justice, he’s entitled to that presumption of innocence until some evidence is presented. Portraying Cristhian as something that he isn’t, in some ways I view that as a political payback for what’s swirling around.”

“One nod of the head, one glance, one slight of hand that will be partially taken out of context and presented over and over which would be highly prejudicial to the defendant, so I urge the court to exclude the media from these proceedings.”

“He was just a part of the community. An all-American boy working really hard.”

“Whether or not there was something that happened that was very outrageous that is a different matter. I have seen no evidence on that at no point and he is presumed innocent until we see it.”



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