For the first time ever, gun free London has surpassed New York City’s murder rate…a statistic you don’t hear too much about in America.

A recent Independent analysis found that fatal stabbings are happening in London every three days, driven by a resurgence of conflict between the city’s gangs. Fatal stabbings in England and Wales grew by 12 percent in 2017, and are now at their highest level since 2011.

Now, this…

Breitbart News – A man is in critical condition in hospital after being riddled with bullets in Sadiq Khan’s London, just 20 minutes after another man was stabbed in the chest in an unrelated attack.

The 24-year-old shooting victim was blasted in his car in what has been described as a “machine gun” attack, with witnesses recalling up to 17 shots fired in Brent in north-west London at about 8.34 p.m, The Sun reports.

“From what I can tell, he was sitting in his car when he got into an argument with someone who then shot at him with a machine gun (at least) 11 times,” said one witness. “The police… told everyone to stay indoors.”

“Heard shots all the way from north side Stonebridge as they were fired I counted about 17 shots,” tweeted another.

“Absolute madness!!! Enough is enough!!!’”

It should be noted that the actual firearm type has not been confirmed, and no arrests have been made in connection with either the shooting or the earlier stabbing.

The news comes right after a young man stabbed to death on the capital’s ‘millionaire row’ became London’s 69th suspected murder victim in 2018, with top surgeons predicting a “summer of carnage” as attacks using acid, machetes, knives, and firearms surge under the mayoralty of Labour’s Sadiq Khan.

RT– Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage has hit out at London Mayor Sadiq Khan saying London’s shocking spate of murders is his ‘mess’. It comes as Khan faces severe criticism over his response.

Just as news emerges of another six teenagers being stabbed in London on Thursday, Farage tweeted a video of himself with Stuart Varney of Fox News’ Varney and Co. discussing the London Mayor’s failure to stop the surge of violent crimes in London :

He was among the MPs, journalists, and public slamming the mayor for failing to do enough to tackle violent knife and gun crime in the capital, which has already claimed the lives of 50 people in 2018. The spate of attacks saw London’s murder rate overtake New York’s in February and March.

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