A popular college bar in Thousand Oaks, California was the scene of a mass shooting last night. The normally very safe town was changed forever when a man armed with a Glock-45 handgun walked up to the doorman of Borderline Bar and Grill and shot him. The gunman proceeded to kill the cashier near the door then entered the bar to continue his deadly shooting spree. He killed 12. Pray for the victims and their families.


Many descriptions of the suspect were given on-air during our viewing of the live local coverage. The information given by local news on twitter:

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Witnesses said he had on a “black trench coat”, wore a hat and glasses. Other reports said he had a beard. It’s being reported that he was a heavily tattooed “white male” and wasn’t carrying identification. That’s puzzling because we know his age and that he was driving his mom’s car. Also, the gun purchase has been traced to Ventura County. He is said to be a resident of Newbury Park, California. Could they not get information from the gun purchase?

More than one witness described his demeanor as calm and quiet.

It’s being reported that he was 29-years old and drove his mom’s car to the bar to commit this atrocity.

He took his life in an office within the bar.

Heroic young men broke windows to escape:

While the media is silent, the cries for gun control have begun by the usual suspects. Kamala Harris and Bill DeBlasio tweeted out the need for gun control. The focus is on everything BUT the suspect.


The media is going into great detail on the gun used:



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