Well, it’s nice of AG Sessions to make an appearance…has anyone seen him lately? We sure haven’t!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions made an appearance at a high school and received a warm welcome with chants of “Lock her up!” from a group of high school conservatives…His appearance was for Turning Point USA. He chuckled and then repeated the phrase but just moved on to his speech. We’d like to know what Sessions plans on doing about crooked Hillary instead of just a chuckle…

Sessions jumped on the Trump train early in the campaign. He helped President Trump by being a solid supporter and a strong advocate for border enforcement. He played along with the “lock her up” mantra often repeated at Trump rallies. We’d just like to have an explanation for why Sessions has been MIA on punishing the corrupt Clintons and former Obama administration intel leaders.

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The attorney general needs to enforce the law and many have been begging him to do just that. Sean Hannity spent time on his show recently to ask Sessions to act:


Speculation has been all over the place. Some people claim that Sessions is just waiting for Inspector General Horowitz’s report to come out. Others are saying Sessions is compromised so he’s being threatened not to act.

Is he naive? We just don’t know the answers to why he’s missing in action. We just hope he’ll come out with some sort of punishment for the intel leaders and crooked Hillary…SOON, VERY SOON! Don’t those conservative students need to see that illegal behavior has consequences?

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