Mollie Hemingway busted Democrat Jerry Nadler for his plan to destroy President Trump by doing non-stop investigations in search of a crime.

Nadler went “all in” on a planned attempt to find anything they can to impeach President Trump or to just dirty up his image until the 2020 election.  Nadler seems to relish in his new role as Judiciary Committee Chair by releasing 81 document requests to 81 agencies and individuals connected to President Trump. This fishing expedition is set up to last until the 2020 election when the Democrats hope our president has been damaged enough to lose.

Hemingway tweeted out exposing Nadler’s attempt to call her a liar when she was telling the truth about his plan to hurt Trump:

I mentioned tonight on Special Report that Nadler called me a liar (on national TV!) when I detailed in November his plans to use his power to go after POTUS through “accountability” investigations. (I was listening on Amtrak) As his actions this week show, I was not lying.

On November 7, 2018, I sat across from Rep. Jerry Nadler on the Amtrak as he discussed big impeachment plans, which he planned to present not as impeachment but as holding Trump “accountable.” Media know and support this.

Media will help Schiff and Dems seamlessly transition from 2 years of Russia collusion allegations to other investigations, because media is just as complicit in Russia hoax as Democrats and so they need the transition just as much as Schiff/Dems do.

Among the 81 individuals and entities named in the House Judiciary Committee’s document request:
-Trump’s family, businesses, campaign, the inaugural committee, the transition team
-Julian Assange & WikiLeaks
-Cambridge Analytica & SCL Group
-Brad Parscale
-The NRA
-Flynn Intel Group

Attorney Joe DiGenova has excellent advice for the 81 who received document requests: “TAKE THE 5TH!”


It’s time for ALL Republicans to circle the wagons for President Trump.

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