“He’s dangerous”…Call 911 if you see him.

That’s what Houston police revealed in a statement today regarding the murder of President George H. W. Bush’s cardiologist. The motive was revealed too and it’s really unbelievable that a man would hold a grudge for so many years…

Joseph James Pappas held a 20-year grudge against Dr. Mark Hausknecht because Pappas’ mother died during surgery 20 years ago. Yes, Papas waited over two decades  to murder Dr. Hausknecht who he blames for the death of his mother.

The HPD says Pappas is dangerous and possibly suicidal. The police were able to pin down the identity of the suspect using surveillance video from a nearby home. Pappas was recorded riding his bike alongside the doctor around 9 a.m. then passing him to turn around and shoot.

The suspect hasn’t been seen and it’s reported he texted someone that he was going to commit suicide. The police officers went to his home but no one was there and Pappas hadn’t been seen for 24 hours.

A manhunt is now on for Pappas.







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