Last night, President Trump held a rally in Battle Creek, MI, while the most unhinged group of Democrats to ever occupy our United States Congress voted to impeach him.

Before he was even inaugurated, Democrats were calling for his impeachment.

After he was elected, multiple attempts were made to impeach President Trump, but Speaker Pelosi and some of the less radical Democrats in the House refused to go along.

With a roaring economy and incredible jobs reports coming out every quarter, the Democrats know they have literally no chance of defeating President Trump in 2020. After their phony Russian collusion narrative fell apart, they foolishly believed the only chance they had of stopping Trump from being re-elected was to impeach him. They made a serious mistake.

The American people love President Trump, who’s brought hope back to so many forgotten men and women in America, who for decades, cast their votes for Democrats who promised them help but never delivered.

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Michigan was one of the states severely impacted by the loss of manufacturing jobs. Democrats like former Rep. John Dingell, who represented a blue-collar district in Michigan, talked a big game about helping factory workers, but like the rest of the Democrat politicians in Michigan, he was only pandering to union leaders for donations to his campaign. Debbie Dingell, who won her deceased husband’s seat in Michigan, is cut of the same cloth as her husband. She talks a good game about “bi-partisanship” and “crossing the aisle,” but yesterday, she showed her true colors, when she locked arms with Nancy Pelosi for the cameras in a show of unity on their way to the House chambers where they would vote to impeach an innocent President.

During his rally in Michigan last night, Trump mentioned Debbie Dingell, and how she called him to ask him to open up the Rotunda for her husband’s John Dingell’s funeral. The Democrat Rep. John Dingell openly despised President Trump. He relayed a conversation to the audience that he had with John’s wife, Debbie, who thanked him for honoring her husband. According to Trump, she told him that her husband, John Dingell was “looking down” and would be “so thrilled” at the lovely gestures Trump made to honor the life of a man who hated him. Trump added that perhaps Dingell “looking up” at him?

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The media went nuts on President Trump, criticizing him for his remarks about Dingell “looking up.” But where was the media when Rep. John Dingell was regularly trashing Trump on social media?

Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) had a history of making ugly, public statements about President Trump. Here are just a few:

In Jan 2017, Dingell mocked Trump’s ability to work with Mexico to secure our borders. The last laugh, was, unfortunately, on John Dingell who didn’t live long enough to see the results of Trump’s dogged determination to keep America safe from unvetted foreign invaders and to keep illegal aliens from stealing American jobs.

In October 2016, Dingell tweeted that candidate Donald J. Trump can “go to hell.”

In one of his more disgusting tweets, Dingell accused Eric Trump and President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner of being “colluders.”

Here’s another doozy from Dingell:

Either my hearing aid is failing me or Paul Ryan just called Trump “a very warm and genuine person.” Either scenario needs to be fixed ASAP

And finally, in this tweet, the highly respected John Dingell tweeted about how he hopes President Trump leaves planet earth.

Dingell hated the Tea Party, and he didn’t make any secret of his hatred for them. In 2014, Politico wrote:

The only folks he’d yet encountered with whom he simply could not get along were the tea partiers—“but then again,” he would invariably add, “I don’t think the good Lord will get along with them, either.”

Tea-baggers, he preferred to call them. Over time it became clear to his (significantly younger) staff that Mr. Dingell (as they called him) was unaware of the term’s alternate meaning. This had been a source of private hilarity until March 2010, when Dingell was invited to be a guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to discuss the recent passage of the Democrats’ landmark health care legislation, which had been Dingell’s legislative raison d’être not only throughout his career but also throughout that of his father, John Dingell Sr., whose congressional seat the son was elected to after the elder died in office in 1955. To say “tea-bagger” on the comedian Stewart’s much-viewed show would … well, no one on his staff could envision an upside to it.

Dingell was surprisingly nervous about going on the show as it was. The congressman had been studying past episodes as if preparing for a confirmation hearing—relishing the way Stewart had verbally undressed TV stock tipster Jim Cramer, yet dreading such a fate himself. Staffers took turns playing the host in mock Q&A sessions with the boss. After maybe the third or fourth mention of “tea-baggers,” Michael Robbins—Dingell’s chief of staff at the time—finally spoke up.

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