Yesterday, Twitter users were lighting up the social media platform with tweets that were sent out by, Sarah Jeong, who has been hired by the New York Times to occupy a seat on their editorial board.

Conservative actor James Woods shared a few of her vile tweets.

This Jeong tweet is from November 2014: “Dumbass f*cking white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs p*ssing on fire hydrants.”

This Jeong tweet is from August 2014: “White people have stopped breeding. You’ll all go extinct soon. This was my plan all along.”

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This lovely compilation of screenshots taken from Jeong’s racist Twitter feed was making its way around social media yesterday, as well: 

In a stunning statement from the New York Times, they admit they knew of Jeong’s history of racist tweets, but hired her anyway. They also claim, “She understands that this type of rhetoric is not acceptable.” Uh..okay, so why are you still hiring her? Has the New York Times sunk so low, as to hire an openly-racist writer to sit on their editorial board? What if Jeong was making racist comments about Blacks? Would the New York Times have made the same decision to keep her? Is it okay to make racist comments, as long as the person you’re attacking has white skin?

The New York Times tweeted their embarrassing formal statement on the hiring of the openly racist writer, Sarah Jeong.

For her part, Sarah Jeong selectively chose a couple of tweets that were sent to her with absolutely no context accompanying either one of them. Since we actually do have a visual revealing Jeong’s history with tweeting racist remarks, the comments she chose to use as examples are useless, as they could have been in response to some of the vile tweets sent out by Jeong attacking people for their race. Jeong called her racist remarks that were being shared around social media yesterday, “satire”.

Jeong’s explanation about her racist tweets being “satire” or that she was only responding to tweets, and mimicking the language of harassers, is totally discredited when you look at some of her tweets, where she clearly intiates the conversation, like the one about not being able to watch Breaking Bad or Battlestar Galactica, because “the premise of both is just white people being miserable“. She was clearly NOT responding to anyone in that tweet.

Anti-Trump doctor, Eugene GU, who spends the majority of his time on Twitter fighting with conservatives like Donald Trump Jr., tweeted his support for the racist writer, claiming SHE is the victim of a “white supremacy group”.

Gu tweeted: Sarah Jeong is being targeted by the white supremacy movement on social media. I will not stand silent about this, no matter the backlash. Asian Americans have been silent for far too long and we should not be shamed into silence forever.

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