During his press conference this afternoon, New York’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo described the coronavirus pandemic that originated in Wuhan, China as a “European virus.”  

Last month Governor Cuomo lavished praise on the Chinese government for their efforts in combatting the virus.

When we started this—yes, we had more cases than anyone else. Yes—we had this European virus attack us, and nobody expected it.

What the everliving hell is he talking about?

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Instead of trying to pass a virus that originated in Wuhan, China off as a “European virus,” Governor Cuomo should be focused on the crisis he created by allowing patients and workers who tested positive for COVID-19 to return to nursing homes.

Only moments ago, “real PolitiDiva” tweeted about the tragic passing of her father after he was placed in rehab in a nursing home in New York for a neck injury and contracted COVID-19. The cause of his death was listed as COVID-19 that according to her caused ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome).


On May 6, we wrote about the COVID-19 crisis in New York nursing homes caused by reckless policies put in place by government officials.

As of May 3, according to the new data, 4,813 people had died from the virus in nursing homes. The new data does not include nursing home residents who died in hospitals. The number of deaths of nursing home residents, either at nursing homes or in hospitals, stood at 3,025 on April 28, and another approximately 100 people died at nursing homes from April 29 to May 2, according to state figures.

Townhall reports – Very elderly Americans are among the most vulnerable to this disease in our society. This raises serious questions about some of the decisions made by New York’s leaders, whose mandates almost certainly contributed to the extreme risk in nursing homes that have resulted in so many deaths:

Neal Nibur has lived in a nursing home for about a year, ever since he had a bad bout of pneumonia. Now, the 80-year-old man has not only his own health to worry about but that of his neighbors at the Poughkeepsie, N.Y., residence. Four new patients recently arrived from the hospital with Covid-19. They were admitted for one reason, according to staff members: A state guideline says nursing homes cannot refuse to take patients from hospitals solely because they have the coronavirus. “I don’t like them playing Russian roulette with my life,” said Mr. Nibur, who is on oxygen…At the epicenter of the outbreak, New York issued a strict new rule last month: Nursing homes must readmit residents sent to hospitals with the coronavirus and accept new patients as long as they are deemed “medically stable.” California and New Jersey have also said that nursing homes should take in such patients. Homes are allowed to turn patients away if they claim they can’t care for them safely — but administrators say they worry that refusing patients could provoke regulatory scrutiny, and advocates say it could result in a loss of revenue.

Nursing homes were required by the state to accept Coronavirus-positive patients. And that’s not all:

The state Health Department allowed nurses and other staff who tested positive for the coronavirus to continue treating COVID-19 patients at an upstate nursing home, The Post has learned. State officials signed off on the move during an April 10 conference call that excluded local officials from Steuben County, who protested the move…The state Health Department’s decision to allow coronavirus-positive nurses to continue working at Hornell Gardens came after two days of testing revealed that one in three of the facility’s residents and staff had the deadly virus. It came after officials reported three deaths at the facility, Wheeler said.

In fact, this was statewide policy, reversed only a week ago

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