There’s an awful lot of hyperventilating going on in D.C. over the prospect of impeaching President Trump.  It’s almost like the media and the Democrat Party believe that Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee and AG Bill Barr are just going to forget about the attempted coup of a sitting President by the deep state. It’s almost like they think it’s okay to ignore the players in an orchestrated coup attempt, who so far, have been able to skate.

On Wednesday The Gateway Pundit’s Cristina Laila reported the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General caught a top FBI official illegally leaking classified material to the liberal media including sensitive information sealed by Federal Courts.

The DOJ declined to prosecute this criminal agent.

Despite the fact that this senior FBI official, who was not named in the summary, clearly broke multiple laws, the Department of Justice declined to prosecute the individual.

The Conservative Treehouse is now reporting on a new development related to the deep state’s coup attempt:

This is rather stunning.  In letters from Representative Doug Collins to Inspector General Horowitz and AG Bill Barr, Collins identifies Deputy Asst. Director Peter Strzok as the official who leaked grand jury information to the media and yet the DOJ refused to prosecute.  Incredible.

WASHINGTON — Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee, today sent letters to the attorney general [HERE]  and inspector general [HERE] regarding the Office of the Inspector General’s investigation summary into misconduct by a former FBI deputy assistant director. The letter to the inspector general raises questions about the identity of the deputy assistant director in question, and the letter to the attorney general inquires about the status of criminal referrals made by the inspector general to the Justice Department. (link)

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Citing the ongoing internal investigation of FBI leaks to media, from the 2018 OIG report on FBI conduct, today the Office of Inspector General outlined a preponderance of evidence against a corrupt FBI Deputy Asst. Director.  However, the DOJ is refusing to prosecute:

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