Ami Horowitz is a fantastic reporter who inserted himself into the caravan heading our way. He gives an update on who is in the caravan and why they’re coming to the border…Note who is in charge of the caravan and what the men say about America: “America is nothing”. Yes, some of these people are just coming for freebies but others for nefarious reasons…


It’s interesting that Mexico has offered asylum but these people have refused it…this tells you that they should never receive asylum here because they refused in Mexico. They have to prove a “credible fear” of persecution which they obviously don’t have if they skipped asylum in Mexico. Also, just wanting a better life does not meet the level needed to grant asylum.

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President Trump and Republicans ARE VERY CONCERNED about the caravan made up of thousands from who knows where. Shouldn’t we be? The caravan is made up of thousands of mostly young males…Yes, Americans are worried and appreciate the effort our president has made to stop this. Please watch the video below from Judicial Watch:

Young Angry Men & Gangbangers March Towards U.S. Yelling “Vamos Para Allá Trump!”

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