Many believe Trump’s arrest may be the catalyst that hurls America into chronic dysfunction. Trump’s arrest marks the first time in US history that a president has been arrested following a term in office. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents know the arrest is political. America has been dysfunctional since Biden took office.

Three letter agencies have harassed parents demanding to know what is happening in the classroom that their tax dollars fund while ignoring the massive Antifa riots where violent protestors harm innocent bystanders and store owners in their quest to burn America down. Most Americans know these riots are organized and funded. Yet we are still waiting for George Soros to be investigated and arrested. So when Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer tried reassuring Americans that Donald Trump would have a fair trial, it fell on deaf ears. Schumer called for peaceful protests when Republicans were angry about the unfair witch hunt of Donald Trump but has remained quiet about Democrat’s atrocious and unlawful behavior during demonstrations.

Elon Musk responded to Schumer’s comments and called for equal justice.

Schumer said, “I believe that Donald Trump will have a fair trial that follows the facts and law. There’s no place in our justice system for any outside influence or intimidation in the legal process. As the trial proceeds, protest is an American right, but all protests must be peaceful.”

Elon Musk responded to Schumer, saying “To avoid losing the trust of the American public, it is important that our justice system pursue Democrats and Republicans with equal vigor. Whichever party most puts justice before nepotism is the one that deserves trust.”

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Musk, who has been a frequent critic of Joe Biden’s policies, predicted in March that a Trump arrest would only serve to boost his popularity during his 2024 presidential run and ensure a landslide victory.
Musk also posted a meme of the Democrats trying to take Trump out in the 1980s. The joke went viral, saying if the Dem Party had a time machine with a photo of Trump asking, “Why do time travelers keep trying to kill me? I’m just a realtor!”

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