The liberal news media is running wild with a woman’s accusation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh about something she claimed happened three decades ago. This was back in the 80’s as previously reported, and it’s complete nonsense. I have a very hard time believing anything the Kavanaugh accuser says and the Democrat’s strategy to sabotage Kavanaugh just isn’t working.

There hasn’t been an accusation this fake since people claimed the moon landing was done in a desert and Rachel Dolezal said she was black. Of course, that’s just my opinion. If it’s real, then the Democratic Party ruined it because of what they did, which is explained by Senator Graham below.

At this point, the Democratic Party could tell us the Earth is flat and Obama is still president and I bet some of their followers would believe it! They’re sinking to new lows, but what else did you expect?

Her name is Christine Blasey Ford and she came out of nowhere at the last second with some ridiculous claim about Kavanaugh, as if it was a Democrat who put her up to this, trying to wreck Kavanaugh from being confirmed into the Supreme Court. Let’s get this straight, Kavanaugh is in. Nothing is stopping that.

Every little circus act from the Democrats will push him further into the SCOTUS and make everyone lose respect for the Democratic Party – that’s if there’s anything left of them to respect. The way Democrats are going right now it’s like they’re a group of toddlers forced into a political arena and they’re just crying.

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Turn it up a notch and they turn into clowns putting on another act.

Then finally the Democratic Party turns into some failed neighborhood magician who shows up with Christine Blasey Ford and her nonsense. She’s clearly a Democratic supporter, so obviously her little tricks are called out right away.

It was none other than Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who blasted the media and Democrats with a statement calling this exactly what it is.

Here is Graham’s statement.

It should be noted that Graham sounds like he’s open to hearing what the accuser has to say, but this is something that should’ve been done a long time ago and not turned into a circus act made to dismantle or disrupt Kavanaugh being confirmed.

Graham said he’ll hear what she has to say, but he seems aggravated that Democrats had this information back in July and didn’t do anything with it. He’s questioning their tactics and motives. He doesn’t seem to think they’re doing a good job based on the words he used against the Democrats.

If the accusations against Kavanaugh were legitimate, then why would the Democrats wait until NOW to talk about it if they had the info in July? That sounds shady, right? That sounds like they’re up to no good and don’t have America’s true values at heart. This is the Democratic Party playing their tricks again. It’s the Democratic Party being mad that Trump picked someone they didn’t like or agree with. Now they’re upset and trying to sabotage it with everything from circus freaks dressing as handmaids, a Muslim activist getting arrested, and all kinds of distractions and nonsense instead of just getting him confirmed and moving on with the day.

Like many Democrat tricks, this is just another part of the dog and pony show.

This is just another gimmick.

This is another toddler tantrum.

This won’t work.

OK, fine. Bring her up and let her talk, then brush her off like the dust on the mantle and proceed with getting the job done.

There’s nothing that will stop Kavanaugh from being part of the Supreme Court.

No circus act from the Democrats is going to stop this.

While they’re at it, why don’t they talk to Keith Ellison about his real accuser and the allegations of him abusing his ex-girlfriend?

That’s something that came out and where are the Democrats on that? Nowhere to be found! Why aren’t the Democrats pursuing the accusations of Ellison like they are with Kavanaugh?

Huge double standard, right?

Get Kavanaugh in! Finish the job!

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