President Trump just tweeted out the announcement of his acting Chief of Staff.

It had been reported earlier today that there were five candidates left.

Later this afternoon it was announced that Chris Christie was out of consideration for the job.

About 30 minutes ago, President Trump tweeted out the announcement:

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Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, is as sharp as they come. He is a superior choice for President Trump!

Remember when he went to battle with Maxine Waters during confirmation hearings? It’s epic Mick Mulvaney!

MAXINE WATERS Is Schooled On The Separation Of Powers By OMB’s Mulvaney…Cuts Him Off With Snarky “Reclaiming My Time”

Watch her comments to the Office of Management and Budget’s Mick Mulvaney:

He cuts her down to the ground but she still doesn’t understand her place. It’s just how dumb she is. All she can say is “I reclaim my time”…


“The Powers That Be In Washington Won,” DC Is “More Rotten Than We Thought”


CHUCK TODD: Let me start with this. So the president himself pins this on the Freedom Caucus, Club for Growth, Heritage Foundation. So essentially conservative interest groups and the most conservative caucus in the House, a caucus you were a member of just six months ago.

MICK MULVANEY: Yeah, and I think there’s probably plenty of blame to go around. As we sat over the last two days and tried to figure out what happened, I think what happened is that Washington won. I think the one thing we learned this week is that Washington was a lot more broken than President Trump thought that it was.

So what you have is the status quo wins and, unfortunately, the folks back home lost. You can blame it on the Freedom Caucus if you want to. But there’s also a lot of moderates, Charlie Dent will be on your show in a little bit, who are also against the bill. So it’s sort of the powers that be in Washington that won.

CHUCK TODD: So the Republican Party–

MICK MULVANEY: And the folks back home–

CHUCK TODD: –has not changed Washington after taking over the House in ’10, taking over the Senate in ’14, and taking over the White House now?

MICK MULVANEY: I think more importantly, we haven’t been able to change Washington in the first 65 days. And I think if there’s anything that’s disappointing and sort of an educational process to the Trump Administration was that this place was a lot more rotten than we thought that it was, and that I thought it was, because I’ve been here for six years. I know the Freedom Caucus. I helped found it. I never thought it would come to this.


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