President Trump is calling for the resignation of Democrat Senator Jon Tester of Montana because of his lies about Veteran’s Administration nominee Dr. Ronny Jackson. Sen. Jon Tester engaged in character assassination against Rear Admiral/Doctor Jackson without ANY evidence. Now the Secret Service is weighing in with the results of their investigation into the allegations and it just makes Tester out to be a HUGE liar. What’s even more disturbing is that CNN reported on this FAKE NEWS! See the report from the Secret Service on Jackson below.


Allegations made by Senator Jon Tester against Admiral/Doctor Ron Jackson are proving false. The Secret Service is unable to confirm (in fact they deny) any of the phony Democrat charges which have absolutely devastated the wonderful Jackson family. Tester should resign. The…..

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….great people of Montana will not stand for this kind of slander when talking of a great human being. Admiral Jackson is the kind of man that those in Montana would most respect and admire, and now, for no reason whatsoever, his reputation has been shattered. Not fair, Tester!

Fox News reports:

Jackson withdrew his nomination Thursday, in part because of a flood of allegations, including that he drank on duty and once crashed a government vehicle. Many of the accusations were compiled by the office of U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., who dubbed Jackson “Candyman,” based on accusations that Jackson liberally distributed medications.

On Friday, however, the White House said internal records, including police reports, revealed that alcohol was never a factor in Jackson’s three minor incidents with government vehicles over five years, nor was he ever found at fault – contradicting Tester’s claims.

Instead, the White House said, records show that in one instance an upset driver punched out a window on Jackson’s vehicle during a trip to Camp David, Md., and in another case, a side-view mirror was hit by a passing truck.

The Secret Service (see report below) also challenged a CNN report that said Jackson had to be stopped by agents during an overseas trip for banging on a White House staffer’s hotel room door, over concerns that the noise might disturb then-President Barack Obama.

“A thorough review of internal documents related to all Presidential foreign travel that occurred in 2015, in addition to interviews of personnel who were present during foreign travel that occurred during the same time frame, has resulted in no information that would indicate the allegation is accurate,” the statement reads, according to the Washington Post.


Katie Pavlich was on fire about the fake news from CNN about Jackson:

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