CNN is scraping the bottom of the barrel to find anyone with something bad to say about Judge Kavanaugh. The latest comes from a guy named “Chad” who has come forward to speak with the newshounds at CNN who anxiously listened to his every word. Watch the video below where he reads a statement claiming that Judge Kavanaugh hasn’t told the truth and says he feels it’s his “civic duty” to speak up.

There’s one problem with this jackwagon who reads a statement in front of his home…He’s got NOTHING on Kavanaugh! This is such a reach and such a shameful attack from a supposed “college friend”…With friends like these…who needs enemies! He even says the roommates of Judge Kavanaugh are “lying” when they say they never saw Kavanaugh blackout…THIS GUY can’t even say he saw that! He just says he saw Kavanaugh “quite drunk”. QUITE DRUNK? So what!

CNN reports: Brett Kavanaugh’s former college classmate Chad Ludington “unequivocally,” says that Kavanaugh “has not told the truth” in denying the possibility that he blacked out from drinking: “I never saw him passed out but I saw him quite drunk”

Ok Chad, your 15 minutes of fame are now up! This guy has just made an ass of himself in front of pretty much everyone. Will he have a friend left after this? What a jerk!

The New York Times is also trying to slam Kavanaugh over throwing ice at someone in college. We kid you not!

Republicans need to go ahead and vote on Judge Kavanaugh and end this ridiculous character assassination. If they don’t, this will continue to happen over and over again.


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