How could the Senate be so lame in their effort to produce an immigration bill? A Senator Ted Cruz put it, “they’re to the left of Obama”. Now that’s pretty bad! what stuck out like sore thumb is the bill’s failure to address chain migration…that’s a biggie!

AHEAD OF THE VOTE: The DHS warned the plan would mean the “end of immigration enforcement in America.”

Senators on Thursday blocked multiple plans dealing with immigration as President Trump torpedoed one proposal as “a total catastrophe” and his Department of Homeland Security lambasted it as the “end of immigration enforcement in America.”

During a series of afternoon procedural votes, no immigration amendments crossed the 60 vote threshold that would have cut off debate and paved the way for final votes.

The effort to pass immigration legislation comes as Democrats insist on protecting young illegal immigrants brought to the country as children and Trump demands funding for a border wall.

Ahead of the votes, the Trump administration focused on the bipartisan agreement drawn up by a “Gang of 22” that would grant a 10-12 year path to the young illegal immigrants or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients.

The amendment failed by only getting 54 votes. Forty five senators voted against it.

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The administration objected to the bill’s failure to address so-called “chain migration” — by which immigrants can sponsor a broad number of relatives to come join them in the U.S. Trump has said that he wants to limit sponsorship to children and spouses.

The bill also would not end the visa lottery system, which allows 55,000 immigrants into the country each year and has been dogged by accusations of fraud and abuse.

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