The far-left leaning Washington Post has never made any secret about their disdain for our President. From hit pieces on Russia using “unnamed sources” to hateful opinion pieces disguised as “news”, they’ve definitely earned their spot, as one of Trump’s top #FakeNews targets.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has used his incredible talents to go undercover and expose crooked organizations like ACORN and Planned Parenthood. During the 2016 election, O’Keefe was able to expose the corrupt underbelly of the Democrat Party who used paid plants to incite violence at Trump rallies. O’Keefe was also able to tie Barack Obama directly to their chief organizer. Of course, every major #FakeNews outlet completely ignored these horrific coordinated acts of violence against innocent Americans.

Over the past several months, O’Keefe has been releasing undercover videos he’s used to expose the bias and unprofessional tactics used by “news” publications like the New York Times and now, the Washington Post.

Today, the Washington Post attempted to embarrass O’Keefe for allegedly setting a trap for them with a woman posing as a “Roy Moore” sexual assault accuser.

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Here’s a video the Washington Post released on Twitter, of reporters from WaPo ambushing O’Keefe at his Project Veritas office.

Many Twitter users wondered if the Washington Post was trying to cover up a bombshell that O’Keefe was about to drop on the publication owned by billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos?

O’Keefe tweeted a response to the Washington Post’s videotaped ambush, warning everyone to fasten their seatbelts.

Hitting export on hidden camera footage into Washington Post shortly. Project Veritas vs Bezos 100mm monopoly. Fasten your seatbelts.”

Josh Caplan suggests that WaPo reporters who hounded O’Keefe were panicked. Was the ambush on O’Keefe by WaPo reporters over his alleged use of a plant disguised as a “Roy Moore accuser”, simply a way to discredit O’Keefe in advance of his expose on them?

O’Keefe just delivered on his threat to the Washington Post and is blowing up Twitter with several bombshell videos exposing the Washington Post for their sickening, leftist, anti-Trump agenda:

This video allegedly shows Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ direct influence in the Washington Post’s newsroom:

Washington Post’s Dan LaMonthe calls out the New York Times and CNN for their bias in this video:

Here’s another Dan LaMonthe video where he explains how the Washington Post works together to take down Trump following his tweets:

Finally, Grant J. Kidney claims that Project Veritas just vindicated President Trump and his attack on the “Amazon Washington Post.”

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