Remember Black Lives Matter protesters took to the streets with signs to protest the death of George Floyd, who was killed after a brutal arrest by Minneapolis Police Officer Chauvin?

Remember when Antifa joined the “peaceful” protests that morphed into rioting, looting, and arson of cop cars and small businesses?

Remember when BLM and Antifa moved their protests to the White House, where the most pro-Black American President of the United States (aside from President Abraham Lincoln), lives with his family?

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Remember when the protests morphed into mobs of far-left radicals carrying pre-printed signs, destroying historical statues and monuments?

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The BLM movement, whose leaders are admittedly trained Marxists, have now moved into residential areas, demanding that the rich give up their earnings to those who bravely march with weapons through their neighborhoods.

The protests, that were supposed to be about fighting police brutality, but have morphed into pockets of domestic terrorists, have now moved into the Hamptons, and are focused on the New Green Deal and economic justice.

The New York Post reports – A caravan of protesters — some wielding plastic pitchforks — descended on the Hamptons Wednesday to blast the rich and decry the nation’s rising income inequality.

More than 100 drivers and about 200 marchers paid a visit to the homes of some of the world’s wealthiest people, including ex-New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg.

“Tax the rich, not the poor!” the protesters chanted outside Bloomberg’s $20 million Southhampton mansion, with some calling the failed presidential candidate a “looter.”

Watch the Shinnecock Indian Nation group call out Michael Bloomberg for taking their land, telling him he owes them “trillions!” The accused Bloomberg and other billionaires of rape and other crimes against tribe members, telling them, “This is your day of reckoning!”

Note to the protesters, Michael Bloomberg is a billionaire, not a trillionaire.

Protesters, several of whom came in from the Big Apple, demanded that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo raise taxes on the state’s 118 billionaires to make up for a steep revenue shortfall amid the coronavirus pandemic.

They led a chant of “No more suicides. No more bankruptcies” at one point during the march.

Members of the Shinnecock Indian Nation also took part in the protest, including Rebecca Genia, who said in a statement that “Billionaires take our land to build golf courses and mansions, profit from the ravages of coronavirus, and exploit our labor.”

“It’s clear the real looters in New York are billionaires — and it’s time to make them pay their fair share so we can all thrive.”

The group also stopped by mansions owned by Blackstone CEO Steven Schwarzman and real estate developer Stephen Ross and had planned to visit the estate of investor and hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb.

“Billionaires are experts in social distancing,” Nascimento told The Post. “They’ve chosen to live in their own world and are separate from realities of everyday people and the people whose lives they have a tremendous impact on.”

Taking the protest to the wealthy enclave shows that “We are here. We are affected and not going to stand down. We’re going to make sure our voices are heard.”

One of the groups responsible for the march through the Hamptons is New York Communities for Change. On their Facebook page, one of the leaders talks about how Climate Change will fix inequality for blacks in the “communities that need it the most.”

This video reveals how little these protests have to do with helping the problem of violence in black communities, and has instead, morphed into a rallying cry for disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters.

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