“We understand people kept weapons for personal safety, they can now feel safe. We are not here to harm innocent civilians.” 

On Monday Taliban fighters in Kabul began collecting weapons from Afghan civilians claiming people “can now feel safe” and no longer need their own weapons for protection.

New York Post reports,

Central Kabul streets were largely deserted early Monday as waking residents pondered their future.

In the capital, a tense calm set in, with most people hiding in their homes as the Taliban deployed fighters at major intersections and began collecting weapons from civilians.

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“We understand people kept weapons for personal safety. They can now feel safe. We are not here to harm innocent civilians,” a Taliban official told Reuters.

There were scattered reports of looting and armed men knocking on doors and gates, and there was less traffic than usual on eerily quiet streets as fighters could be seen searching vehicles at one of the city’s main squares.

Kabul resident Salad Moleskin, director of the MOBY group media company, said on Twitter that Taliban fighters had come to his company to inquire about the weapons kept by his security team, the outlet reported.

Def-Con News asks: Is it a coincidence that the Taliban is doing to the Afghan people what the democratic party wants to do to the American people?

Def-Con News Chapter One of The Authoritarian Regime’s Handbook is “Take the Guns, Stupid.” Hitler did it, Stalin did it, Pol Pot did it, and now the Taliban are doing it. Reports are that, just a day after taking over Afghanistan, the Taliban are confiscating all privately-owned firearms. While the U.S. military trained the fallen Afghan government, it sounds like the democratic party has been training the Taliban.

If you truly want to rule with an iron fist and oppress the people, you’d be an idiot not to confiscate the guns. Nobody is going to challenge your authority with a sharpened stick or a sock with a padlock in it.

Nothing is more reassuring than being told you can now feel safe while staring down the barrel of a gun:

There’s only one reason to disarm law-abiding, peaceful citizens. If the Taliban truly has no intention to harm innocent civilians, then they wouldn’t feel the need to disarm them. One can only imagine what the future holds for Afghans or any other society where the ruling government seeks to disarm its citizens.

Pray for the defenseless people of Afghanistan.

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