Having campaigned on the promise of a bold push towards passing gun control laws, Kamala Harris has demonstrated little effort in pursuing these objectives. In fact, she was a key advocate for raising funds for the Minnesota Freedom Fund to bail out convicted criminals who were arrested during the BLM protests, many of which were charged with violent felonies, murder, sex crimes, illegal weapon possession, etc. Rather than taking action to stop gun violence, Harris has actively contributed to releasing perpetrators of illegal gun possession from prison.


Harris supported and advertised for the fund, imploring people to donate and release many criminals from jail. One of these criminals, BLM protestor Thomas Moseley, was bailed out not once, but twice by Vice President Harris (first at $5,000, then at $60,000) via the MFF. Moseley had been arrested and charged with illegal weapon possession.

Thomas Moseley, 29

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After he was freed by Harris, Moseley was arrested for a third time, facing three new charges related to possession of a weapon in a courthouse, rioting with a weapon, and drug possession.

While Harris made a lot of promises on the campaign trail, all she has done in terms of gun control is promote it and assist in the release of criminals onto our streets. She continues to avoid addressing these issues and, in an interview with CBS This Morning, Harris actively avoided the questions asking what Biden’s specific plans were to create laws placing bans on assault rifles and implementing mandatory background checks for buying a gun.

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While campaigning, Harris insisted that she would push for aggressive gun control laws and, if Congress did not pass the legislation, she would take it upon herself to do so via executive action. It is clear now that these were nothing but empty promises to gain voter support as she has taken no real action to impose gun control laws. Not only has she taken zero action, but she has actively supported those who are exactly the individuals which the American people should be protected from.

In the wake of a mass shooting in Colorado, Biden has publically announced that gun control laws are not even next on his agenda, creating frustration among those who he had promised action to. Both Biden and Harris are falling short of their bold claims and it seems there will continue to be little action taken in the near future.


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