The conservative cartoonist behind the Dilbert series, Scott Adams, recently shared a brilliant video on Twitter, explaining how we are coming into the “Golden Age” and how people need to be freed from the “Prisons of the Mind”.

In his video, Adams does a chalk talk to lay out what makes Donald Trump so unique, and what has allowed him to become such a successful president. He also points out how Kanye West, like Donald Trump, doesn’t allow his mind to be imprisoned.

Adams explains in his video, that because Donald Trump has not allowed himself to rot in a “mental prison”, he has been able to accomplish what many consider to be unthinkable achievements, like the denuclearization of North Korea, for instance. Adams also explains how the power of positive thinking has contributed greatly to the success of Donald Trump.

To prove his point about Trump not being in a “mental prison”, Adams asks his viewers a series of questions about Trump, “Did he think that North Korea was unsolvable?”…”Nope”, he answers himself. “Did he think that he couldn’t negotiate trade deals?”…”Nope, he didn’t think that.” he answers. “Did he think he couldn’t give people nicknames and not win an election?”…”Nope”, he responded.  “Did he think nobody could talk about immigration without being labeled a ‘racist’ and therefore their life was over?”…Adams shrugs his shoulders and says “It didn’t seem to bother him.” Scott goes on to explain, that Trump “consistently shows you that history doesn’t repeat.”

Adams then moves on to slavery and explains how “white people were the problem”, and how “white people had to change”. Adams then explained his “Last Mile fog” theory. This is where Kanye West comes in…

Scott Adams also addresses the confusion around the assumption that white people have to do something much different to fix issues like unarmed black people being shot by police officers. He brings up conservative Candace Owens, who Kanye West endorsed in a tweet over the weekend. Adams explains that the only way issues in the black community can be fixed is if someone from the black community steps up to help fix them. Adams then discusses the effect of the controversial tweet from Kanye West over the weekend. West tweeted: “I like the way Candace Owens thinks” he “ripped a hole in reality” with his endorsement of her conservative views.

Here’s Kanye’s tweet, endorsing Black conservative Candace Owens:

After being bashed by his followers for supporting a conservative black woman. Later in the day, West tweeted in support of being a free thinker and suggested his followers “question everything”.

Finally, West went off on his followers for being stuck in the past, calling “self-victimization” a “disease” and suggesting that “slavery” is now a “mentality”.

Adams tells viewers, “Kanye knows history doesn’t repeat, he’s not a prisoner of the mind, he knows that the problem is not the solution.” He did something that you could rarely see. He actually just altered reality.” Adams told viewers to forget about which political party they agree with, but in 7 words, he unlocked a mental prison and freed a lot of people, and is “bringing you to a Golden Age.”

Kanye West tweeted a series of 9 tweets, showing clips from Adams Periscope video on Twitter.


Here’s the video that Kanye tweeted in its entirety:

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