“This is hypocrisy at its finest.”

Facing a nationwide unionization campaign, Starbucks demands that mail-in union elections be halted, alleging misconduct.

Starbucks is also requesting that all future elections be held in person.

Hmmm…..Where have we heard this before?

Starbucks is one of the most “woke” companies in America. They fund BLM, offer gender transition surgeries to their employees, and go nuts for “Pride Month” every year.   They even joined the Business for Voting Rights Coalition in calling on Congress to update the Voting Rights Act to help protect the right to vote for all.

In a message to Starbucks partners (employees), CEO Kevin Johnson encouraged partners to use their voice to make a difference in the communities it serves, reinforcing Starbucks commitment to civic engagement.  (Note the mention of mail in ballots.)

  • Providing new and updated education and resources to StarbucksPartnersVote.com so you can register, request a mail in ballot, and learn more about the issues that matter to you and your loved ones – all in one place.

Why the drastic turnaround?

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Interestingly, Starbucks is now asking the federal labor board to suspend all mail-in ballot union elections nationwide, alleging misconduct in the voting process by the board’s personnel and the union organizing its baristas.

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Starbucks has questioned the legitimacy of elections held to unionize specific locations.

A whistleblower told Starbucks that “misconduct” occurred between the union and the National Labor Relations Board, the organization conducting the elections.

“This is hypocrisy at its finest.”

“Starbucks is simultaneously claiming to stand for voter protections, and then asking that all elections be suspended nationwide. This is hypocrisy at its finest.”

– Starbucks barista and union leader Michelle Eisen in Buffalo, New York

Facing a nationwide unionization campaign, Starbucks has accused officials at the National Labor Relations Board of “tipping the scales” in the union’s favor and has asked that all mail-in elections for its stores be put on hold for an investigation.

The Seattle-based coffee chain wrote in a letter to the chairman and general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board on Monday claiming that the labor board’s officials acted inappropriately during an election in the Kansas City area and have likely acted similarly in other elections.

Starbucks says the officials helped workers submit their votes in person at a board office even though the election was to be done exclusively by mail.

The NLRB is an independent federal agency that oversees most private-sector union elections and referees disputes between employers, unions, and workers. Starbucks cited a career NLRB professional who approached the company as a whistleblower.

According to Starbucks, NLRB officials allegedly coordinated with union agents to arrange for in-person voting at the labor board’s offices during mail-in ballot elections. The company also alleges that Workers United agents were given confidential, real-time information about specific vote counts so the union could target employees who hadn’t voted yet. The company said that NLRB officials and Workers United then allegedly coordinated to cover up this activity.

Starbucks’ letter details email correspondence that allegedly occurred between union representatives and labor board officials. The company said it was informed of the emails’ contents by the whistleblower.

Starbucks said similar behavior occurred in Seattle and Buffalo, New York elections.

“Until a thorough investigation is conducted, it’s anyone’s guess how many elections in how many other regions have been similarly infected,” the company said in the letter.

Starbucks CEO sent out the following on July 14, 2021-

A couple of KEY bullet points from the CEO’s message:

  • Providing new and updated education and resources to StarbucksPartnersVote.com so you can register, request a mail in ballot, and learn more about the issues that matter to you and your loved ones – all in one place.

  • Solidifying resources for partners including ride-share options, where allowed, to get to your polling place or ballot box on or before Election Day.

The right to vote is core to our Democracy. The struggle for civil rights and racial equity in America exists in every aspect of our society, and the democratic process is no exception. We believe that voting should be free of discrimination of any kind.


“Woke” Starbucks has seen its share of struggles, as 100 Percent Fed Up reported just yesterday and in July:

Starbucks has recently closed sixteen profitable stores due to “safety concerns” and anticipated having to close more. So rather than alter their policies at the risk of appearing less woke, Starbucks would rather close down stores because that makes total sense.

100 Percent Fed Up reported on Monday: A New York City Starbucks has become a hangout for addicts, the mentally ill, and the homeless due to woke policy. The Starbucks in question is now a haven for drug addicts, the mentally ill, drunks, and the homeless–much to the chagrin of the chain’s liberal customers, who now have to deal with the results of their own wokeness firsthand.

A NoHo Starbucks at the corner of  Astor Place and Lafayette Street has taken it too far for its own customers.

From the New York Post:

“Starbucks got too woke too fast,” said java joint regular Konstantin Dobryakov. “Now some customers are too scared to go in because you’ve got a bunch of homeless people sleeping in there. They got to be ready to kick people out and not give everyone a free cup of coffee. You give them a finger and they’ll take a hand.”

On July 11, 100 Percent Fed Up reported that Starbucks Corp will permanently be closing stores in heavy crime areas. According to the Seattle Times, a Starbucks spokesperson announced that more than a dozen stores would close due to drug use, theft, and assault, as concerns for employee safety grow.
On July 14, 2022, 100 Percent Fed Up reported on LEAKED: Internal Starbucks meeting where CEO says “America has become unsafe.” closing stores in Democrat-run cities “this is just the beginning there going to be many more [stores closing].”
The Leaked footage shows the CEO of Starbucks blaming local, state, and federal governments for stores closing in Democrat-run cities.
“At the local state and federal level, these governments and leaders, mayors, governors, city councils have abdicated their responsibility in fighting crime and addressing mental illness.”


“I don’t have to spend too much time on what’s going on in the country and how America has
become unsafe. Uh, but you all read the press release over the last couple of days about the fact that we are beginning to close
stores that are not unprofitable. But we’re closing stores as a result of the co-creation sessions that we’ve had. Almost 60 now. Twenty-five in the SSC and the rest in the field, and we had one yesterday in San Antonio. But, in all of those sessions, It has shocked me that one of the primary concerns that our retail partners have is their own personal safety. And then we heard the stories that go along with it about what happens in our bathrooms the issue of mental illness the issues of homelessness, and the issues of crime. And Starbucks is a window into America. We have stores in every community, and we are facing things in which the stores were not built for and so we’re listening to our people and closing stores and this is just the beginning there are going to be many more.”


Starbucks has roughly 9,000 corporate-owned stores in the U.S., and these are the first in the country to have union representation. More than 220 Starbucks cafes in the U.S. have voted to unionize, with 34 additional elections ordered or in progress. According to an NLRB tally, seven more stores are waiting to schedule elections.
High-profile union backer Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) congratulated the campaign on its success in April on Twitter, calling it “an enormous inspiration to workers all across the country.”

Does this mean Starbucks will reverse course on supporting mail-in ballots in ALL elections? 

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