Hey there,

Noah here and I have a confession to make…

I HATE going to Walmart.

And Target.

Don’t even get me started on Costco!

The parking lots are a mess….

You have to stand in line to checkout for what seems like forever….

And then you have all the LGBTQP+ crap they push on you!

Especially in the kids toys and kids clothing sections.

You know exactly what I’m talking about….

Like this:

And this:

But simply changing stores won’t help either…

Let me just ask you a simple question:
Is your hard-earned money going to the wrong people?

Over 90% of the products on store shelves are controlled by the same globalist hedge funds as the big box stores. So ask yourself…does simply changing stores really make a difference? The answer is no.

What if there was a better way you, your friends and family, could shop family-owned?

You know I’ve got you covered…

You can now partner with a direct-to-consumer company that offers over 450 high-quality, sustainable, non-toxic and effective products directly to your door.  And it’s often cheaper!

Do business with companies that uphold patriotic and conservative values that your family can respect, rather than supporting these mega-corporations with your purchases!

Great idea, right?

It’s an America-First company…

Proud supporter of Conservative and Constitutional values…

A company with no debt (so they don’t answer to lenders) and no Wall St. investors (so they don’t answer to BlackRock, Vanguard or State Street)…

A company that simply puts YOU first!

Oh, and did I mention the products don’t have any of the toxic ingredients you’ll find on the shelves at places like Target and Walmart and Costco?

Seriously, just read the ingredient labels from what is sold at those stores, they read like a Chemistry textbook!

Red dye 3 and 40…


Toxic seed oils…

mRNA-injected beef…



Toxic chemicals!

Really bad stuff.

In fact, here is a list of the top 10 most toxic ingredients commonly found in food sold at Target or Walmart that are banned in the European Union — but pushed on Americans every day and you don’t even know it:

  1. Potassium Bromate: Used in bread and baked goods to improve texture and volume. Banned in the EU due to its potential to cause cancer.
  2. Azodicarbonamide (ADA): Found in bread and baked goods as a dough conditioner. Banned in the EU due to its links to respiratory issues and cancer.
  3. Brominated Vegetable Oil (BVO): Used in sodas and sports drinks to keep citrus flavoring from separating. Banned in the EU because it can lead to thyroid and reproductive issues.
  4. Olestra (Olean): Used as a fat substitute in snacks like chips. Banned in the EU due to its side effects, including gastrointestinal issues and interference with the absorption of essential nutrients.
  5. rBGH (Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone): Used to increase milk production in cows. Banned in the EU because it has been linked to cancer and antibiotic resistance.
  6. BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole): A preservative used in snacks and cereals. Banned in the EU because it is a possible human carcinogen.
  7. BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene): Another preservative used in snacks and cereals. Banned in the EU for similar reasons to BHA.
  8. Yellow No. 5 (Tartrazine) and Yellow No. 6 (Sunset Yellow): Artificial food colorings used in a variety of processed foods. Banned in the EU due to their links to hyperactivity in children and potential cancer risks.
  9. Red No. 40 (Allura Red): An artificial food coloring used in candies, snacks, and beverages. Banned in the EU for its links to hyperactivity in children and potential allergic reactions.
  10. Propylparaben: A preservative used in packaged foods. Banned in the EU due to its endocrine-disrupting effects and potential to cause cancer.

Time to stop eating these toxins!

But what can you do?

That’s where I come in.

The company I can introduce you to has products SO SAFE that even if a child swallowed a bunch of their cleaning products, you don’t even have to call poison control….just drink some water and they’ll be fine!

How cool is that?

Oh, and NONE of the toxic ingredients from the list above.

And did I mention they’re often CHEAPER (by a lot) than what you pay at Target, Walmart and Costco?

Yes, really.

The only catch?

It’s Invite-Only….you literally need to get a personal invite to get access.

But the good news is I’m your ticket in! 🙌

Who loves ya baby?

I’ve been telling people all about this for over a year now and we’ve already crossed 200,000 invites sent out!

And we’re just getting started…

That’s also a lot of work and I now have a team of 200+ Patriots helping me dish these out.

If you want one, just put in your request here and I’ll have one of my White Glove Concierge Patriots personally help get you all set up!


That’s how we roll around here.

Improving the lives of all the people we come into contact with, one person at a time!

Better products.

Better health.

Better lives.


Stop funding Wall St. hedge funds that hate you…..

Stop funding Satanist designers and “Pride” at Target “targeting” our kids…..

Enough is enough.

Join me and 200,000+ of my best friends as we fight back (peacefully and patriotically, of course)!


Your friend,


This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

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