Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth endorses President Trump in a self-written opinion piece published to USA Today. In the article, Beth explains his endorsement of the President. Sheriff Beth describes his first meeting with Trump as the violence began to unfold in Kenosha County: 

“On the first of the month, I had the honor of meeting with President Donald Trump for a round-table discussion addressing the violence that recently took hold of our community.

I saw first-hand the support, gratitude and steadfast resolve our president holds for the law enforcement community. The president arrived with a plan to provide the critical resources needed to keep our community safe.”

President Trump visits Wisconsin to assist local, state, and federal officers with a gameplan to combat the violence by BLM activists in Kenosha.

As someone who cared about the safety of the residents in his county, Beth requested reinforcements from the state police and other local departments to help contain the violence. Even with the state’s support, Kenosha still needed more law enforcement officers, without hesitation, the President contacted Beth and offered to send in federal officers in saying, “Whatever you need, it’s coming.

For the first time in the piece, Beth explains his support for President Trump, commenting on his strong leadership qualities.

“It was a powerful moment for us. […] The president’s swift and bold response to support our law enforcement family and my community made it clear that he’s the strong leader Wisconsin and America needs. It’s also why I am proud to endorse President Trump for re-election this fall.”

Additionally, thirty-eight other Wisconsin sheriffs endorsed the President after what they have seen his administration do in other war-torn cities:

“At a time when violence is popping up in communities across the country, picking our nation’s top leader is more important than ever. […] Some politicians are hesitant to take a strong stand with law enforcement, but not our president. […] President Trump refuses to cave to those who continue to demonize law enforcement and scapegoat the police. He stands proudly shoulder to shoulder with the men and women of law enforcement.”

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Sheriff Beth also recognizes the President’s commitment to uphold the law and his respect for law enforcement who risk their lives every day to protect their communities. Beth also shares his confidence in Trump’s devotion to back the blue:

“President Trump will never abandon law enforcement and I am confident that voters across Wisconsin and America will agree. When I entered law enforcement 38 years ago, I vowed to work as hard as I could to improve the quality of life for all citizens. I look for the same qualities in a presidential candidate.”

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Finally, the sheriff calls out all the Never-Trumpers in a truth bomb at the end of his piece:

“I will have to admit that on occasion he does say or tweet things I don’t agree with, but the truth is, everyone else I know does this as well. President Trump, please Keep America Great.”



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