Last night, Kyle Rittenhouse dropped a bombshell about Lin Wood, the attorney who rose to prominence when he agreed to represent Nick Sandmann in his defamation case against the dishonest media. Wood became a popular figure with patriots across America trusted when he bravely fought to expose election fraud in the November 2020 election. Many Americans lost their faith in Wood when he told Georgians to stay home from the critically important race that would elect two US senators in the state of Georgia while headlining a rally with Sidney Powell. People began to question which side Wood was on when Republicans lost the race and two far-left radical Democrats.

Shortly after Lin Wood was notified that Dominion Voting was suing him for claims he made about their machines, he dropped out of sight and has since maintained a very low profile.

Last night, an unassuming Kyle Rittenhouse stunned Carlson’s audience when he told the top-rated Fox News host that Lin Wood and John Pierce, the other attorney representing him, could have bailed him out of jail earlier, but instead, left him there to “raise money” for their “own benefit.” Rittenhouse claimed they were not trying to set him free.

Rittenhouse was in jail for 87 days, which according to Rittenhouse, was “against my wishes.” The 18-year-old explained that the lawyers told him he was “better off in jail” than home with his family. He accused them of “trying to raise money for a cause” and not to help him gain release from jail.

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Green agreed with Rittenhouse. In a brutal tweet, she blasted Lin Wood, saying, “I’ve told everyone what a horrible person Lin Wood is, and if you watched Tucker Carlson tonight, then you heard from Kyle Rittenhouse one of the reasons why I think so.”

She continued: “Lin keeping Kyle in jail instead of bailing him out with ALL that money donated FOR Kyle is absolutely evil.”

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