The globalist’s games never cease. But globalists do seek to cease your fun and games.

People are fighting back tirelessly with a recall petition for their sadistic governor, Gavin Newsome and if you are in California, we strongly urge you to support this and help out.  Until then, things in California continue to deteriorate, fast.

5 days ago, L.A. County reopened outdoor dining while simultaneously banning Televisions from restaurants.  This allows Big Government to appear reasonable for a moment even though they are still just tyrants who created a tyrannical mandate in order to appear benevolent by easing it from time to time when the masses obey.

By banning TV’s they also make these establishments much less appealing, causing people not to congregate.  This drastically reduces the formation of human bonds among citizens while furthering a totalitarian culture of mistrust and hopelessness.

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Bill Melugin of FOX LA reported:

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The irony of all this is that banning televisions from private business establishments will only force decent reasonable citizens to celebrate indoors at their own homes.

There is a tragic sense of ironic comeuppance here for the NFL, too.

Given the recent wokeness and constant anti-American BLM bootlicking by the NFL over the past few years, the NFL deserves to fail.  Ever since accepting and the promoting the behavior of anti-American opportunist, Colin Kaepernick, no one should bother to support the NFL or its lengthy list of anti-American kneelers. Even President Donald Trump condemned their anti-American culture. Like many other cultural institutions, the NFL is a hollowed out shell.

It stands against America.

However, if other people want to watch a football game and pretend it is still 2014, it is fully understandable.  And they should be able to do it with as many people as they want.  We agree with Mr. Melugin; it is highly likely that home watch parties will be organized.

We will see how the authoritarian leadership in L.A. County responds.

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