Far-Left California Governor Gavin Newsom has accelerated the destruction of California which has an economy larger than almost all world countries.  Yet, it is somehow suffering from financial problems, and rolling blackouts due to terrible leadership focused on progressive Marxist green energy policies.

In 2020, though, Californians became more fed up than ever as progressive politicians and public officials like Chesa Boudin, the son and supporter of  unrepentant American terrorist Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn and close confidant of Hugo Chavez are treated like royalty in their state.  Chesa is a soft-on-crime Marxist prosecutor for San Francisco who fired all his prosecutors who are willing to prosecute crimes, and insists on not charging or prosecuting many criminals.

Marxists love to dismantle non-Marxist things–like Constitutional Democratic Republics–by any means necessary.

But, despite being surrounded by the most opulent and hypocritical anti-American progressives in America like Chesa, last year Gavin Newsom somehow managed to outshine all the rest with his dirty French Laundry incident that is now infamous.

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We also covered the depraved ridiculousness of the events that followed here, here, and here.

This is why there is a massive recall movement in California.   Like any good dictator (or Clinton strategist), Newsom issued wide smear campaigns.  Yet, despite all this, according to Anne Dunsmore, Newsom’s disapproval is dismally “higher than his approval…He is in a much worse position than [far left governor] Gray Davis was in 2003.”  Anne is the Campaign Manager and Finance Director for Reform California which she claims has 5000 people working every weekend to get signatures to recall the governor and continues to get thousands of new grassroots small donations every week.

In an interview, she said there is great reason for optimism, with so many people and donations working every day to get the necessary signatures which now amount to about 1.25 million! but another 250,000 signatures are still necessary to complete the 1.5 million signature requirement for the recall.

Please get the message out and help Californians remove Governor Newsom.  Use the links and video, below for more information.

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