DEMOCRATS ARE BROKE! They just took out a big loan and now they’re $6 million in debt!. A $1.7 million dollar loan! Does that tell you anything? It tells us that they run their party like they run Dem-ruled cities across America. Think about it…

Records show the Democratic National Committee had to take out another loan in February, as the 2018 midterm elections loom.

The national arm of the Democratic Party took out a $1.7 million loan in February, raising the national party’s total debt above $6 million, the Daily Caller reported. This comes as the DNC has consistently failed to keep up with its Republican counterpart’s fundraising. The RNC brought in $12.8 million in February while the DNC only raised $6.9 million.

The DNC now has just over $10 million on hand compared to the $42 million the RNC has on hand.

WFB reports:

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The DNC is seeking to turn the page after the 2016 elections, when its financial woes led to taking out a loan from Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Clinton’s influence over the party became the subject of controversy after it came out that the DNC was working to help her in the presidential primary against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.).

“Potty Mouth” DNC Chairman Tom Perez (see video below) has insisted that things are going well. That insistence, however, has sometimes been “misdirected”, as was the case when he ran afoul of the Washington Post Fact-Checker earlier this month. Perez had said the party raised a record amount of cash in January of this year even though there were several instances in recent years when it raised more in January.


DNC Chair Tom Perez was on MSNBC (video below) to answer to critics who didn’t like his nasty speech last week.

He appeared at an event held by New Jersey Working Families Alliance, a re-branded ACORN agency and gave a hateful and divisive speech. He claimed that,”Republicans don’t give a sh*t about people”. Why the Democrats picked this far left radical is puzzling unless the Democrats plan on going full commie…Perez is connected to the radical open borders group La Raza. Something tells us that Obama made this pick for the Democrats.
Check out a defiant Perez doubling down on is nastiness:

Perez said Republicans lead in fundraising because “they’ve got a lot more rich donors,” but the RNC has outraised the DNC in small donations in recent years.

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