An all-out conflict has broken out between Israel and Hamas.

Militants from Hamas attacked Israeli towns near the Gaza Strip Saturday morning.

Hamas fired thousands of rockets which have resulted in dozens of deaths.

They also kidnapped several others during the attack.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear that Israel is officially at war with Hamas.


He also delivered a strong warning to all of the residents of Gaza, “Leave now.”

Netanyahu has promised to reduce Gaza to ‘rubble.’

Daily Mail reports:

Speaking on Saturday night, PM Netanyahu issued a dire warning to Hamas militants: ‘I tell Hamas, you are responsible for the wellbeing of captives, Israel will settle the score with anyone who harms them.’

He vowed to defeat the group, but said the war would ‘take time’, continuing: ‘What happened today has never been seen in Israel, we will take mighty vengeance for this black day.’

Promising ‘mighty vengeance’, he promised to reduce Gaza to ‘rubble’, telling innocent Palestinians to leave immediately.

Soon after, a convey of tanks were reported to be heading towards the border with Gaza.

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