The Santa Clarita City Council was scheduled to vote on sanctuary city status on May 8th…Something happened that was really different. A young liberal decided he’d had enough of freebies for illegals. Education is his focus because he’s seen how illegal alien students are a priority over everyone else. In fact, in February of 2017, California Governor Jerry Brown funded student illegals and cut middle class scholarships.

The young millennial also mentions his “middle class parents” who have struggled to make ends meet. This is a great example of what happens when a liberal sees how unfair it is for illegals to take our hard earned money and get special treatment over legal citizens. Hopefully, his journey continues and he’ll become a full-fledged conservative….The first part of the speech is a little hard to hear but then the sound gets better as he gets into the main part:

We’ve reported on different states that give financial aid and even tuition to illegal alien students. This past January, NY Cuomo announced he wanted to give “Dreamers” free college tuition!


California Financial Aid Information for Undocumented/DACAmented Students:

Undocumented/DACAmented students who qualify under AB540 criteria can apply for financial aid by submitting the California Dream Act Application. To be considered for state and institutional awards, including grants, need-based scholarships, loans and work-study, undocumented/DACAmented AB540 eligible students must complete the following steps:

Submit a California Dream Act Application by the March 2 priority deadline each year for maximum financial aid consideration.
Incoming students interested in receiving a Cal Grant must submit the GPA Verification Form to the California S

Student Aid Commission (CSAC) by March 2. You can monitor and manage your Cal Grant account on the CSAC website.
Continuing students who have completed at least 36 units at UC Davis will have their GPA automatically submitted to CSAC by March 2. You can monitor and manage your Cal Grant account on the CSAC website.
To be considered for institutional work-study, AB540 eligible students must also meet Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) requirements.

Entering students will automatically be considered for UC Davis scholarships based on the admissions application.
First year and continuing students may submit the scholarship application for the following academic year online between October and early January.

For more information on the scholarship application process, including joining the Scholarship Opportunities Listserv, please visit our undergraduate scholarships section.
There are many opportunities to receive outside scholarships. For a list of scholarship opportunities, please visit our Outside Scholarships page for AB540 students.

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