Once again, the left eats its own…Liberal reporters used the unexpected firing of NBC News anchor Matt Lauer for unspecified sexual misconduct as an opportunity to mention how hard he was on Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election. It was a liberal pile-on with brutal attacks on twitter from journalists who actually called Lauer a “right winger” and “Trump apologist”….Now that’s funny!

Annie Karni, White House reporter for Politico, tweeted about how Hillary Clinton condemned Matt Lauer’s performance during the 2016 Commander-in-Chief forum.

BuzzFeed World correspondent Borzou Daragahi used the firing to remind followers to “not forget” about Lauer covering Clinton’s email controversy.

The left attacks its own AGAIN! Many on twitter are blaming Hillary for the ouster of Lauer. This means that he’s being fired NOT because of “sexual misconduct” but for not following the party line and supporting Hillary? They might have a point. Lauer’s escapades with women are legend…so why fire him now? Is it the trend in sexual harassment cases or because he’s out of favor with the liberal elites since the election last year? With these people you have to march in lockstep or you’re out! How confusing!

Numerous people have commented on our report about Lauer’s firing to say they blame Hillary…Who knew?

NBC was in “cover your ass” mode with their longtime anchor Matt Lauer’s latest misstep coming to light via numerous news outlets. NBC News Chairman Andy Lack pulled the trigger to fire Lauer late last night after it was revealed that Lauer was going to be outed for sexual misconduct.

Page Six reports:

Longtime NBC anchor Matt Lauer allegedly sexually assaulted a female NBC staffer during the Rio Olympics. The staffer, who has not been named and wishes to remain anonymous, complained to NBC News bosses yesterday, prompting them to move fast and fire him.  “An NBC staffer come forward with a claim that Matt sexually assaulted her at the Olympics. There have been rumors about Matt having affairs with subordinates at NBC for years, but those were believed to be consensual. This incident in Rio was not.”


His wife, Annette, famously filed for divorce in 2006, accusing him of “cruel and inhumane” behavior, but withdrew the filing a month later after they reached a private agreement. They ostensibly live separate lives, she living full time in the Hamptons with their children, while Matt resides in the city during the week.

Lauer has been rumored to be a serial adulterer but this case was not consensual. A whole different ball of wax for the notorious cad.

Rumors of an affair with Natalie Morales and other co-workers have been out there in the past. Lauer’s current co-workers spoke out this morning claiming shock at what just happened:

The victim wishes to remain anonymous…we’re wondering how long it will take for her name to be leaked out.

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