Unhinged leftists are calling for a boycott of Ivanka Trump’s fashion line but Nordstrom is sticking with her. Now customers are calling for a boycott of Nordstrom because they refused to ditch Ivanka Trump’s brand.


Nordstrom’s social media pages have been flooded with shoppers threatening to boycott the retailer if it does not stop selling the president-elect’s daughter’s shoe, clothing, and handbag lines.

The comment below shows how misinformed the gay community is and how much the press has pushed their false narrative that Trump is anti-gay:

“When I worked for this company, you were not afraid to take a stand on supporting the rights of the LBGT community. It made me proud to be called one of your team,” one comment on Nordstrom’s Facebook page reads. “I went home and bragged about it to all my family. Now I will no longer shop at your stores. By continuing to sell Ivanka Trump’s brand you are making a stand. You are saying YES to sexism, racism and bigotry.”
“I will no longer be a customer with your company because you do business with the Trump family. A family that supports toxic, sexist, homophobic, racist rhetoric,” another post reads. “I thought your company had better standards, it is sad to see I was wrong.”
The so-called Grab Your Wallet movement has called for a boycott of Donald Trump’s business empire and other companies that sell Trump products. In the days following Trump’s presidential election, supporters of the movement circulated a spreadsheet listing companies that sell Trump products, including Amazon, Bloomingdales, and Macy’s.

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Calls to boycott Nordstrom have grown loud enough that Nordstrom’s co-president, Pete Nordstrom, sent an email to the company Tuesday night clarifying that the retailer planned to continue to sell Ivanka Trump’s fashion lines, Fortune reported.

“We strive to be agnostic about politics and to treat all our customers with respect,” Nordstrom wrote in the email. “Every single brand we offer is evaluated on their results — if people don’t buy it, we won’t sell it.”

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Nordstrom, the company, declined to comment beyond saying that its president’s email “really speaks for itself.”

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