The media and even some governors are trying to paint the Americans who are protesting to open businesses up as racists and even Nazis.

The Governor of Michigan recently made a derogatory statement about the protesters implying they are racists.

Painting a negative picture of the people who want their freedom and businesses demonizes our fellow citizens and divides us. This is exactly what the left would like. It works for them politically if they portray the right and Trump supporters as something bad.

Michigan Senator Debbie Dingell also spoke out after the large protest in Lansing to say there were right-wing radicals at the protest.

Most Americans hear this on the news and believe it, so they never hear the truth. What the left is doing is reminiscent of the Tea Party movement, where the left successfully demonized the group as white racists. The Tea Party group was nothing but a bunch of freedom-loving patriots.

We cannot let the left hijack the narrative that anyone who is fighting for their freedom is a hateful racist. It’s why people like the protester below must be heard:

Don’t let the left paint Trump supporters as anything but freedom-loving Americans.


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