Before Keurig, and other major companies commit consumer suicide over their decision to pull their advertising from Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, over his interview with Roy Moore, the GOP candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama, who is being accused of sexual misconduct that allegedly took place between 36-40 years ago, only 4 weeks before the election, they may want to consider the facts that many media outlets have uncovered about Moore’s accusers. These advertisers might also want to explain to consumers why they never pulled ads on shows that interviewed Bill Clinton, who’s been accused of rape and sexual assault by multiple women. These businesses may also want to explain why they never pulled their advertising from TV shows that interviewed Hillary Clinton, who’s been accused by more than one victim of threatening the women who bravely came forward to expose her husband’s sexual misconduct. 

Daily Mail – Keurig, makers of the home coffee brewing system, is being boycotted by angry consumers after the company announced over the weekend that it plans to remove ads on Sean Hanity’s Fox News program following his coverage of Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore.

Keurig made this bold statement to consumers on Twitter, claiming they worked with their media partner and FOX news to STOP their ad from airing on the Sean Hannity Show.

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Keurig,, 23 and Me, Eloquii and Nature’s Bounty all said over the weekend that they would no longer run ads on Hannity’s show following his interview with the embattled candidate, prompting a backlash from protesters on social media.

Nature’s Bounty products

After a Twitter user posted busineses that allegedly advertise on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, here’s how Nature’s Bounty responded:

Here’s how the gentics company 23 and me responded on Twitter:

23 and Me sells saliva collection kits to help consumers trace their genetics.

Eloquii is a fashion store for plus size women:

Here is their tweet, assuring their consumers that “Hannity is blocked” form their “advertising list.”:

Moore is being accused of having pursued inappropriate sexual relationships with younger women while he was a district attorney in Alabama during the 1970s.

Moore vehemently denies the allegations, saying that he believes the timing of the accusations are aimed at undermining his candidacy.

Moore, who spoke with Hannity about the scandal on his radio show Friday, did admit however that after his return from the military, ‘I dated a lot of young ladies.’

Some of the sponsors announced their decision not to run advertisements on Hannity’s show via Twitter after the Fox News host asked his audience to give Moore the benefit of the doubt, according to CNBC News.





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