Two key Fox News anchors got into a heated discussion today over whether to blame President Trump for what happened with the man who sent packages to key Democrats and leftist activists like George Soros.

Shepard Smith is biased against the president and never misses a chance to speak out against Trump. So it was nothing out of the ordinary today when Smith decided to blame Trump for the man who sent over one dozen packages containing rudimentary explosive devices.

We didn’t have to wait long for the bashing to happen but what was surprising is that Chris Wallace came to the president’s defense after Smith made his comments against Trump.

Smith blamed the “rhetoric” from President Trump but we all know the left’s rhetoric has been far worse with more pointed threats like getting in someone’s face. “Lock her up” is surely not the same as “When they go low, kick them” Wallace has been known to be a never-Trumper but this time he did the right thing and spoke up to defend Trump. Watch the heated exchange below via Gateway Pundit:

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Trump supporters know that there is a difference in what’s being said. We’re smarter than that.

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We’re not going to blame our president for one unhinged guy’s bad acts.

Shepard Smith makes excuses for the left when they should be calling them out. We called Fox News this week and left a message to ditch this liberal hack. Maybe we should all do the same.



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