It was a harrowing day for the family of a young American couple who received the tragic news about their loved ones. It all happened when the couple who was on a year-long bike trip decided to ride their bikes near an area in Tajikistan, near the Afghan border, that was rife with ISIS terrorists. The young American couple wanted to prove that “evil is a make-believe concept” and they were proven wrong as they were purposely run over with a car and then brutally stabbed to death by alleged members of ISIS.

The pair of cyclists were with another two people who were riding bikes and also murdered. The American couple is Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan. They had quit their jobs to go on this vast year-long bike trip and now it has ended in absolute terror, proving that evil is not a make-believe concept at all. In fact, not one bit.

They’ve been biking for over a year already, traveling all over places like Africa, Turkey, many more, and then their last stop in Tajikistan where they met their doom in hopes to prove the world wrong.

Daily Wire stated that their “trip, which lasted 369 days, took them from the southernmost tip of Africa in Capetown, South Africa, to Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Montengro, Kosovo, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and finally Tajikistan, where they were murdered along with two other cyclists, one from Switzerland and the other from the Netherlands.

It was also reported that Austin had a blog. He once wrote the following while he was on his trip:

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You watch the news and you read the papers and you’re led to believe that the world is a big, scary place. People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted. People are bad. People are evil. People are axe murderers and monsters and worse.

I don’t buy it. Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own—it’s easier to dismiss an opinion as abhorrent than strive to understand it. Badness exists, sure, but even that’s quite rare. By and large, humans are kind. Self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes, but kind. Generous and wonderful and kind. No greater revelation has come from our journey than this.

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The cyclists were then ran over and stabbed to death on July 29th. Five men allegedly responsible. The video below shows part of what happened. It’s very grainy and does not show too much sensitive content as it’s very hard to see, however you should still be warned about the potentially graphic content.

The New York Times reported: “The men’s Daewoo sedan passes the cyclists and then makes a sharp U-turn. It doubles back, and aims directly for the bikers, ramming into them and lurching over their fallen forms. In all, four people were killed: Mr. Austin, Ms. Geoghegan and cyclists from Switzerland and the Netherlands. Two days later, the Islamic State released a video showing five men it identified as the attackers, sitting before the ISIS flag. They face the camera and make a vow: to kill “disbelievers.

The video does not show the brutal stabbing part as whoever recorded either stopped recording and drove away, stopped recording to stab people, or simply cut the film and only uploaded part of it to the Internet. It’s also possible that big media sites have cut the stabbing part out of the clip. Whenever there are incomplete videos like this, it always leaves the mind to wander and wonder what else happened. There is nothing but empty thoughts and ideas about what happened, what could have happened, and no one truly knows except for the people who were there.

This harrowing video is basically an execution of four tourists, two of them from America, and perhaps all of them just trying to live out their dreams.

Unfortunately, not all dreams were coming true that day.

The bike trip turned into a nightmare and proved that evil is not make-believe.

It’s real and it’s out there, just open your eyes.

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