Watch the video and you be the judge. Was Piers Morgan correct or was he out of line?

Piers Morgan poked the hornets’ nest Sunday when he highlighted a double standard among Muhammad Ali’s fans — that the late boxer espoused more radical views on race than Donald Trump.

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The tweet quickly brought a swarm of social justice outrage, but Morgan did not back down. He argued that Ali was an important voice in the civil rights movement, but that is no reason to whitewash statements far more radical than Trump’s on race and immigration. Via: Breitbart News

Here are just a few tweets from liberals right before their collective heads blew off their necks:

Morgan’s response:


Piers Morgan shared this clearly racist interview with Muhammad Ali on Twitter to back up his claim:

Along the way, Piers picked up a few Twitter users who were willing to tell the truth about boxing legend Ali:

In the end, Piers Morgan knew he could never walk into another room filled with liberal crybabies if he didn’t do the obligatory Leftist, even though I’m correct…here is my apology:

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