The far-left UK publication, the Daily Mail reported on President Trump’s much needed day off on his Virginia golf course:

Their headline reads:

So much fore social-distancing! Donald Trump is seen golfing for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak began and is seen shaking hands on the course

In the opening sentence of their article, the Daily Mail called out President Trump for failing to follow the rules set forth by the coronavirus SWAT team:

Donald Trump has been pictured going golfing for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak started ramping up on US soil – but failed to practice social distancing with his golf buddies.  

The talked about how he golfed at his own golf course, a common criticism of the far-left media, that by golfing on one of the golf courses he owns, he’s somehow promoting his business.

The president enjoyed a leisurely start to Memorial Day weekend as he arrived at his Trump National Golf Club in Virginia Saturday for a round on the course.

No president in the history of the United States has worked as hard or made themselves as accessible during a pandemic than President Trump, yet the Daily Mail cites the number of deaths over the “national health crisis,” (that’s actually a global health crisis), saying that for the ONE day he spent golfing during Memorial Day weekend, that the deaths of 96K Americans “seemed to be a distant memory for Trump,” adding that he” shunned social distancing guidelines.”

Concerns about the national health crisis which has so far killed more than 96,000 Americans seemed to be a distant memoryfor Trump as he shunned social distancing guidelines.

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The Daily Mail writes about President Trump’s golf outing, saying he “repeatedly refused to wear a face mask despite CDC recommendations.”

The president, who has repeatedly refused to wear a face mask despite CDC recommendations, was seen once again mask-less and flouting social distancing requirements to stay six feet from other people by shaking hands with a fellow mask-less golfer.

To say the advice from the so-called experts about whether to wear or not wear a mask is confusing, is an understatement.

In March, Dr. Fauci mocked the use of a mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In April, the CDC recommended wearing a face covering to prevent the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.

CNN assignment editor Jason Hoffman tweeted images by CNN photographer Khalil Abdallah, of President Trump golfing with three men. Hoffman admonished the men for not wearing masks while outdoors golfing.

Twitter users hammered CNN’s coverage of the maskless Donald:

This Twitter user asked a very good question of CNN:

If masks work, then why do WH reporters take them off after the cameras stop rolling?

If masks work, why do we need shutdowns?

Is it really up to the Daily Mail or other liberal publications to determine if the President of The United States should or should not wear a mask when he’s outdoors playing golf?

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