MSNBC anchor, Ayman Mohyeldin, called out an NYC restaurant on Twitter for not allowing his family to eat indoors because his 4-year-old daughter was unvaccinated.

The restaurant Mohyeldin was going to dine at with his family is called Buvette. Although everyone with him was either vaccinated and/or had COVID already, the fact that the little girl was unvaxxed was enough to get turned away. She had even recently had COVID and had a doctor’s note… never mind the fact that vaccines aren’t approved for children under 5 anyways.

“THREAD: today my family was denied eating indoors at a restaurant because, wait for it, my 4 yr old daughter was with me and they dont serve “unvaccinated” people.” Tweeted Mohyeldin. “I tried to explain theres no CDC guideline requiring children under 5 get vaccinated. But the restaurant didn’t care.”

“Don’t get me wrong,” the Tweet continued, “restaurants have the right to apply their own health standards but at least ground them in public health policies and science. Restaurants have suffered so much in this pandemic so its sad that when you try and help by dining out that you get turned away.”

The final Tweet further elaborates on the situation that took place, “And just to be clear, everyone else with me was vaccinated, boosted and/or had covid (me). My 4 yr old daughter has a letter from her doctor stating she recently had covid. But they didn’t care and only offered us to sit outside even though they were seating customers indoors.”


In the comment thread of his Twitter post, Mohyeldin questions the science and data that this restaurant policy was grounded in. The source of his frustration is that there is no science to back the reasoning of the restaurant that denied his family seating. Despite Mohyeldin’s daughter not being able to get a vaccine even if they wanted to, Buvette NYC still only offered to seat them outside even though they were seating guests indoors.

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