On Wednesday, during a parliament session in Australia, Liberal Party of Australia’s Queensland MP George Robert Christensen gave an impassioned speech where he called on citizens of Australia to revolt against their oppressive government. Comparing the Australian government to totalitarian regimes such as Hitler and Stalin, the Australian MP warned of frightening parallels in lockdown measures and vaccine mandates being forced on citizens in the new police state.

Several videos have surfaced that confirm Christenen’s accusations. The videos reveal shocking, Stalinist-type tactics used in Australia to punish citizens who violate authoritarian COVID lockdown rules. The woman in the video below was driving when she was pulled over and told she had a warrant out for her arrest for “breaching COVID.’

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In the first video, an Australian health official assures parents that leaving their kids in a stadium to be vaccinated with a massive number of parentless children is perfectly safe.

In the second video, a 34-year-old mother of three was arrested for not showing her ID during a protest against COVID lockdowns while her screaming 4-year-old was ripped away from her. Listen to the news reporter calling protesting against COVID lockdowns and vaccine mandates in Australia, “rolling the dice.”

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Watch a Melbourne Police officer explain how they “had to smash the windows of cars” out of a vehicle “and pull them out of there” when the driver refused to present COVID documents to law enforcement at COVID checkpoints:

A military-style police tank rolls up to arrest COVID lockdown protesters in Melbourne, Australia:

Christensen told fellow members of parliament that Australian State Premiers are “drunk on power” and “trying to out tyrant each other.” He also noted that non-vaccinated Australians are increasingly “demonized, ostracized, and socially eradicated.”

The MP explained that totalitarian regimes responsible for the most heinous atrocities of the Twentieth Century: Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, didn’t get there overnight.

They used fear to control, excluded the “dirty” people (softly at first), justified the exclusion, moved to harder exclusions, and eventually eliminated people either socially or physically.

“We are undoubtedly on the totalitarian path, and that never ends well,” said the MP. “The solution is a rediscovery of human dignity, along with, and I don’t say this lightly — civil disobedience.”


Australia is a preview for the world to see what happens when citizens become powerless when they allow their freedoms to be stripped away by a power-hungry government.

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