How low can these liberal rags go? Well, we think Time magazine just went there with their latest cover depicting a morphed photo of the images of Putin and Trump…The propaganda is switching into overdrive!

Nancy Burson is the person behind the cover merging the two images. She felt it was the perfect time to do this and asserted that a democracy and a dictatorship should never commingle.

We consider her comments to be liberal “wordsalad” that attempts to bash President Trump. Notice how she uses political rhetoric to skim around her true intention of morphing the two world leaders. We see what she did and think it’s shameful.

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Can you imagine if the tables were turned? If this had been Obama or SOS Hillary being morphed after the “reset button” or when Obama told the Russians he’d be “more flexible” after the election? Remember that? We’re betting the media doesn’t want you to remember.

Just in case someone doubts that Time magazine has a huge bias against President Trump, just show them this:

MATT DRUDGE of The Drudge Report tweeted out a rare comment today on the New Yorker cover depicting President Trump flat on his face with a thumbs up. It’s just one of so many covers by liberal rags that are mean spirited and sometimes even violent:

Magazine and newspaper covers on Trump are sick…

Someone needs to make a morphed photo of George Soros and Obama even though Soros says he’s “disappointed” in Obama. We call BS on that! We think it’s now open season for morphing and hope someone produces a great response to this idiotic Time cover.

Something like this: Hillary Soros!



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