If it weren’t for Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter would have gone down in history as America’s worst president. The semi-senile, anti-Semitic former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter came out of his insignificant shadow today, to call President Trump an “illegitimate president.”

“There’s no doubt that the Russians did interfere in the election. And I think the interference, although not yet quantified, if fully investigated would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016. He lost the election and he was put into office because the Russians interfered on his behalf,” Carter said at the Carter Center’s retreat in Leesburg, Virginia.

Asked if he believes Trump is an illegitimate president, Carter paused for a moment.

“Based on what I just said, which I can’t retract,” Carter said to audience laughter. – CNN

Jeff Flake, the former United States Senator from Arizona, who was solidly in the never-Trump camp during his final years in office, surprisingly came to the defense of President Trump in a tweet this afternoon. Along with the CNN article glorifying Carter’s sick remarks about a sitting president, Flake tweeted:

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This is an awful thing for one American President to say about another. Argue that he shouldn’t be reelected, sure, but don’t say that he wasn’t legitimately elected.

Jeff Flake, the second most unpopular Republican Senator during President Trump’s first couple of years in office, (the first most unpopular senator was John McCain, who was also from AZ) has remained mostly silent since he left D.C. in 2018. Today, however, Jeff Flake came out of hiding to let Jimmy Carter know that what he said was beyond the pale.

Flake, who was the darling of the left for his relentless attacks on President Trump during his first couple of years at the White House, discovered how quickly the left can turn on you if you dare to voice an opinion or sentiment they don’t agree with. The left came out in full force against the former AZ Senator. Here are just a few of the comments they made to Flake on Twitter:

  • Really? I think you said things as bad when you were flip -flopping .So, obviously your book didn’t sell so now you have gone back to the dark side . Trump has said far worse about Almost everyone and you know it.Jimmy Carter has integrity and if he says it…people listen.
  • Flake (noun) 1. a small, flat, thin piece of something, typically one that has broken away or been peeled off from a larger piece.

          2. a crazy or eccentric person.

         3. An invertebrate organism from the order “GOP complicitus corruptus”

  • No, Mr. No backbone Jeff Flake. Trump is an illegitimate president. His Russian buddy helped him get elected and Trump didn’t win the popular vote either.
  • Jeff Flake is part of this American problem. President Jimmy Carter is respected. Some people have a SPINE JEFF FLAKE IS NOT ONE OF THEM..
  • Not everyone likes you Jeff. Hell, I don’t. but if Jimmy Carter, a former President wants to tell it like it is, then back the hell up. He has no fear of you or anyone else. He’s a national treasure. You on the other hand are not.

Jeff Flake better not leave his day job. Both sides of the political spectrum appear to have had enough of the former U.S. Senator.

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