Skip Bayless’s new TV show “Undisputed” featured rapper Lil Wayne to discuss sports but the talk soon turned to things like Kaepernick sitting during the National Anthem and racism.

Lil Wayne attempts to stop the talk right way and gear it back to the point but Skip isn’t easily swayed…

Skip asks the rapper what his opinion is on Colins protest. Lil Wayne responds that he hasn’t really paid much attention and that Kaepernick has a right to do as he chooses.

The host isn’t deterred by this and goes on to ask what Lil Wayne thinks of race relations in the world today.

“God knows, I’ve been nothing but blessed. …I have never dealt with racism.” He went on to explain that he feels that millennials are moving away from racism because, “its not cool to them.”

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Co-host Shannon Sharpe, an African American, ex-NFL player, wasn’t letting it go that easily. Sharpe firmly believes that racism is alive and well in the United States: “I’m 48 years old from rural south Georgia and if you don’t think it’s alive and well Wayne, check my time line… when Skip and I had a discussion last year they still would use the ‘n word’ they still call you the ‘animal with the ring around its tail.’ Hey, do you… If that makes you feel better. I think it says a lot more about you than me but I’m cool with it. It’s not going to stop me from doing what I do. He knows it’s real, he just hasn’t experienced it.”

Lil Wayne’s ended the argument by explaining how at age 12 when he accidentally shot himself, it was a white officer who picked him up and carried him to the hospital. All the other officers were too busy looking for drugs or other illegal things to help.

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Seems as though racism is only alive and well to those that want to cite racism as their excuse for their own anger and feelings toward others. Respect to Lil Wayne for standing his ground on the issue and not feeding into the forced rhetoric that so many try to push on everyone else.

I do have to point out however that Lil Wayne has caused mass confusion as far as his stance on the American Flag from standing on it to wearing it the rapper seems to not know if he supports it or not.


So lets not all go gaga over him just yet. Since the Kaepernick protest focuses on not honoring the Flag nor the National Anthem based on racism and supposed oppression caused by America itself Lil Wayne is a bit contradictory on his stance.

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