Rush Limbaugh just let it rip on Stephen Bannon. Limbaugh claims Bannon was responsible for the majority of the first-year leaks coming out of the Trump administration:

“The thing that I think everybody believes and that everybody knows is that most of the leaking that was coming out of the Trump White House was Steve Bannon.”

The Trump-Bannon feud began after excerpts were published from a new book about the early days of the Trump White House that quoted Bannon harshly criticizing the president and his family.

President Trump’s layers issued a cease and desist order to Bannon yesterday. All staff including Bannon signed a non-disclosure agreement when they came onboard the campaign. Bannon broke the agreement.

What’s strange is that Bannon made a supportive statement last night saying President Trump is “a great man”. So which is it?

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Two things are coming out of this feud: The MAGA agenda is hurt by this unnecessary play by Bannon. The focus should always be on the agenda and NOT on ego and personal squabbles.

The second thing that really is puzzling is why Bannon would shoot himself in the foot with comments like these. Breitbart News is suffering because of this. Why do this?

Rush Limbaugh had some great insight into what he knows and thinks about this unnecessary squabble:


Limbaugh said on his first broadcast of the new year that he had “never heard” of Bannon before the Breitbart News chief joined the Trump campaign, and described him as “all over the place” with conflicting comments on the Trump administration.

“Bannon is all over the place,” Limbaugh said. “You go back to his ’60 Minutes’ interview where he was praising Trump to the hilt and he was saying that the Russian investigation was bogus and there was nothing to it. And now in this book he’s quoted as saying that Trump and [Donald] Trump Jr. were committing treason by dealing with the Russians. I never understood half of the president’s staffing. I never understood how he knew these people and ended up choosing them.”

Limbaugh added he thought Trump was pressured to tap Bannon for chief strategist by donations from the pro-Trump Mercer family, who own a stake in Breitbart.

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