War hawk Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox News and advocated launching an attack against Iran after the Hamas attack in Israel.

Some things never change.

There are only two genders and Lindsey Graham wants America involved in a war.

“For every Israeli or American hostage executed by Hamas, we should take down an Iranian oil refinery. The only way you’re going to keep this war from escalating is to hold Iran accountable. How much more death and destruction do we have to take from the Iranian regime? I am confident this was planned and funded by the Iranians. Hamas is a bunch of animals who deserve to be treated like animals,” Graham said.

“So if I was Israel, I would go in on the ground. There is no truce to be had here. I would dismantle Hamas. This is the best opportunity Israel has to destroy Hamas. Take it to the Iranians,” he continued.

“It is now time to take the war to the Ayatollah’s backyard,” he added.



“Lindsey Graham will parade your children to their death so he can giggle in his closet. He needs to be removed from office,” UncoverDC Editor-in-Chief Tracy Beanz commented.

Lindsey Graham also said we shouldn’t “pull the plug on Ukraine.”

“If you pull the plug on Ukraine and let Putin get away with this, he will not stop. We will be in a war between NATO and Russia. We have a chance to reset the world here. Defeat Putin in the Ukraine. Dismantle Hamas now, and tell the Iranians if you escalate any more attacks coming from Iran, we’re coming after you,” Graham said.

This post accurately sums up Graham right now:


Graham also implored Joe Biden to fly the Israeli flag on the White House.

The Messenger reports:

In his Monday Fox News appearance, Graham called for the White House to fly the Israeli flag in a sign of support between the two countries.

“Cloak the White House tonight in the Israeli flag. You did it for Pride Month… I want to see the Israeli flag over the White House,” he said.

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