President Donald J. Trump—LIVE in Waco, TX.

Covering topics from ballot stuffing, Manhattan’s crooked DA Alvin Bragg to how he helped Ron DeSantis to win his gubernatorial race in Florida. In his remarks about Ron DeSantis, who is planning to run against President Trump, he told the crowd, “He’s a disciple of Paul Ryan,” inferring that he’s from the same RINO camp.

Throughout the rally, shouts of “We love Trump!” could be heard over and over again from the huge crowd.


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President Trump did an amazing flyover before landing in Waco, Texas, where thousands waited to hear him speak:

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The crowd that waited outside the venue for hours was massive.

Here’s a great photo that shows a portion of the line waiting to get inside.

Prior to Trump taking the stage, the powerful “Justice for All” song featuring the J6 Choir and President Trump was played at the Waco, TX, rally for Trump.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was on hand to open the Trump show in Waco, where the patriotic US Rep from Georgia gave a fiery speech.

Ted Nugent opened the rally in Texas with an outstanding show:


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