“CRT is not a noun…it’s a verb. CRT is the action of a Marxist movement that teaches people to hate America, and it segregates people into privileged and oppressed.” 

A mom took the microphone during a school board meeting in Overland Park, Kansas, and called out its members for inserting CRT into her child’s school’s curriculum.

She began her rant by saying, “I love that we start each meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance where we all agree that we are one nation, one people indivisible.” Her tone shifts then, as she raises a copy of a DENI mandatory teacher training manual issued to all public educators in the Blue Valley School District.

Deeply disappointed and furious over its contents, the irate mom warns that the curriculum planned for their schools was CRT in disguise. She then read from the manual which stated,

“America is a racist country built on racist ideas.” She continued, “privileged white people oppress people of color and heterosexual people suppress gay people.” Quoting from the paper, she claimed the training went on to encourage teachers to “use your voice and educate and share the truth about racism with others, and help organize or attend protests.”

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The courageous mom ends her time at the mic to raucous applause when she says DENI “needs to be stopped immediately and parents need assurances that this hateful divisive material will not be built into our curriculum.”

An online search netted zero results for what the acronym DENI stands for. They should’ve just named it DENY since the school board seems intent on denying parents transparency as they attempt to implement CRT under a stealth name.

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